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Get Your Hiring Act Right

Businesses all over the world are struggling to find the right talent to fill positions. It is no surprise that poor hires mean productivity and revenue losses to a business. A recent survey from CareerBuilder states that more than half of employers in each of the 10 largest economies of the world have felt the effects of a bad hire. It is evident that HR professionals have to bear the brunt every time they fail to identify the right candidates. Employees are the focal point of any organisation as far as reputation and future growth of a company is concerned. Hence, it is imperative for the HR managers to get their act right while hiring employees.

Hiring the right people for the right job can be challenging. While prospective candidates may have all the right skills to match the job – such as education and work experience – there are multiple characteristics beyond what is outlined on paper that will decide if an employee is right for the job. And deciding whether a candidate will be the best fit for a position during the interview process can be a Herculean task.

So, here are a few simple tips to help identify the right candidate for the right job:

  • The CV of a candidate might look exceptionally great but what you see might not what you get every time. So, it is advisable to have a telephonic conversation with the candidate before you physically call him for an interview. This will reveal far more about their motivations, experience and suitability for your business

  • Be precise and clear about the skills that you are looking for. Prioritise the skills as ‘must have’ and ‘optional’; it is quite possible that not every employee will posses all the skills you outline, but this will help to weed out good candidates over the bad ones. Make a checklist for hiring an employee; it will definitely help you systematise your process for hiring an employee.

  • Asking right questions is the key in bringing out the true personality and potential of a candidate, so make sure you have a planned strategy pertaining to that.

  • Last but not least are proper background screening and investigations. Verifying credentials, skills and experience actually possessed by the candidate is vital.

Following the principles above will not guarantee that the proper person is hired, but they are definitely steps in the right direction.








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