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Ten Principles of Leadership

There are no two ways of the saying that ‘leaders should lead from the front’. A leader should be a person with multiple traits, and should naturally possess certain qualities such as compassion and integrity. Leading a team can often be a tiresome and thankless job, yet many find the experience to be highly rewarding. The main quality of an efficient leader is to inspire the team and stimulate productivity within the workplace. Undoubtedly, a leader’s satisfaction is directly related to how well the team is functioning, both administratively and productively.

It takes time for someone to pick up the traits of a good leader, but over a period of time leadership becomes an unconscious behaviour especially if one learns and follows the following ten principles of leadership:

  1. Achieve professional competence.

  2. Appreciate your own strengths and limitations and pursue self-improvement.

  3. Seek and accept responsibility.

  4. Lead by example.

  5. Make sure that your team members know your meaning and intent, then lead them to the accomplishment of the mission.

  6. Know your followers and promote their welfare.

  7. Develop the leadership potential of your followers.

  8. Make sound and timely decisions.

  9. Train your followers as a team and employ them up to their capabilities.

  10. Keep your followers informed of the mission, the changing situation and the overall picture.

Follow the ten principles of leadership if you want to lead your people effectively and help your organisation achieve its goals.








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