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HR Managers Today: Jack of all Trades or Master of One?

People and Management magazine organised the first Knowledge Session entitled, “HR Managers Today: Jack of all Trades or Master of One?” on September 27, 2013 at LBA House, Sector – 63, Noida. Mr Arunav Banerjee, President SOIL Innovation Board, School of Inspired Leadership, moderated the session. Taking the crux of the theme, he started the session by putting the question - ‘HR Managers needs to be Generalists or Specialists?’ for discussion among the participants. The question got mixed response from the participants, depending on their size and role of the company. With responses from all the participants, it was concluded that the role of an employee depends on the size of the company – big organisations need its employee to be specialist while small organisation needs a generalist/multitasking candidate.

Taking the discussion forward, Mr Banerjee, made the participants to think, by putting the questions like “Does same Method/Rule fit for all the situations? Does HR is losing Human Touch, due to Technology? What would be the Future of HR? The participants discussed the questions with great zeal and also share their professional experiences to make the session lively, informative as well as thought provoking.

The participants who share their views at the session were: Manmohan Bhutani, Vice President – People & Operations, Fiserv; Samit Deb, Head Human Resource – Asia, Kronos Solutions India; Richa Pande, Chief Transformation Officer, Ramco; Linda Brady Hawke, Publisher, LB Associates Pvt Ltd; Sunita Rawat, HR Head, LB Associates Pvt Ltd; Chitrangda Chauhan, Senior Executive – Business Development, Thomas Assessments Pvt Ltd; Vaibhaav Mehta, Associate Manager HR, Bristlecone India Ltd; John Joseph, HR Manager, PM Relocations; Harpinder Pal Kaur, Manager – Logistics & Customer Service, Tekni-Plex India Pvt Ltd; Saurabh Madaan, Senior Support Engineer, Intex Industries; Rakesh Arora, HR Executive, Intex Industries.

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