What led you to creating Strat-Board?

Ans: We saw a large vacuum in the HR Services space where there was nothing full-scape available, which objectively brings together, curates and serves distinct HR requirements on one credible platform!

On the one hand People Practitioners seemed to be struggling with getting the right Service Providers, and on the other even credible Service Providers were making disproportionate efforts to grow their Business.

With this backdrop, Sapan (my co-founder) and I started our journey - a year back - with a small dream to make a big difference to the lives of HR professionals and organisations driven by technology.

Today we are working with a large and growing number of HR Leaders, helping them with quick, convenient and credible choice of HR vendors.

It’s delightful to be contributing to their success while catalysing the opportunities for Service Providers.

What’s your view of the HR Services Market in India?

Ans: India is a large HR Services market with over 10 lakh HR Professionals spending over INR 400 Bn on multiple services related to their people strategy - growing at over 20 percent YoY. It’s a dynamic market being served by over 250 thousand consulting professionals and firms, growing by the day and taking rapid strides on innovation.

But it is also a market, which is yet to experience and leverage Consumer Grade technology in making buying decisions, and the benefits it could bring in terms of speed, efficiency, quality and outcomes.

There has been a sudden burst of highly specialised HR offerings; how does this really impact HR Managers and their choices?

Ans: As we speak, an HR leader in a progressive organisation would be simultaneously engaging HR providers in over 50 distinct service categories. This could range from various aspects of talent development to rewards to technology to assessments and beyond. This means an ocean of specialists to choose from which may sometimes even be overwhelming. Hence, it’s also important to change the way they make choices. It is time they have real-time access to meaningful information and tools to help them find and choose the best fit HR Solutions with ease, rather than only relying on referrals or marketing led web search which mostly yield bigger brands.

Strat-Board is aimed to be their perfect ally to simplify the process.

How does Strat-Board help organisations?

Ans: Strat-Board gives HR Leaders access to a credible community of Service Providers, along-with a host of utilities, which strengthen their choices, while saving substantial time and effort.

With Strat-Board HR Leaders can simply broadcast their requirements to get matched credible vendors. Alternatively, they can shortlist and connect with a pool of pre-profiled providers.

With Comprehensive Profiles, On-Demand Reviews, Match Making, Insights and an integrated Contact and Communication platform they can achieve much better and faster outcomes.

Some of our users are already experiencing a huge shift in how a few well spent minutes on the platform can save them from tonnes of non-productive efforts.

Strat-Board currently offers Complimentary access to HR Leaders and Corporate and aims to make a significant difference to their lives.


Gaurav Bakshi, Managing Partner, Strat-Board Services

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