What's unique about Atiitya when it comes to Leadership Development Solutions?

The Leadership Interventions we offer provide our client partners a possibility to drive leadership development from a futuristic point of view. We do this by following the given practices:

• All our Leadership Interventions are based on the organisation/business requirement. We consider the Mission, Vision, Values, Market, Competition, and functional expertise to identify, define and build the Leadership Competencies needed for the Organisation;

• Once the Leadership Competencies are identified, we build a Leadership Framework (through a grid approach), which addresses the leadership requirements of all levels of people in managerial roles in the organisation;

• Every intervention we offer is supported by pre-work (including 360 degree feedback, use of psychometric tools, use of assessment and development centres, etc as applicable) and post-work where the participants use the learning at work and demonstrate a return on investment of the learning experienced, through impact on process, project delivery, SLA, etc;

• Throughout the process we recommend formation of an internal core team who closely work with us to take the initiative ahead. We believe in ‘Empowering’ our client partners to run the process internally as much as possible in the future;

• We have strong pool of facilitators, assessors and coaches who have rich experience in the corporate and bring valuable expertise to the assignment.

What methodology is followed at Atiitya to bring the desired results for a business in meeting its Leadership Development needs?

• We take a holistic view on Leadership Development. We recommend to our client partners solutions in Leadership Development which impacts along with the individual leaders, their teams, peers, organisation, clients, market and future business;

• The outcome is co-owned by Atiitya and the sponsor from the client organisation;

• We help organisations monitor the pre and post impact of the intervention;

• We strongly recommend, partner and practice regular monitoring, review and evaluation of the learning processes and modalities defined;

• We constantly challenge ourselves with new offerings and constant seeking of knowledge and best practices are our way of life. Our Mission is to ‘Inspire Learning’.

How your solutions have benefitted/are beneficial for your clients?

Our client partners have experienced high impact in some of their leaders through our interventions. They have shared the following with us:

• Enhancement in speed and quality of team delivery;

• Ownership in leaders towards business growth, succession planning, etc;

• Higher client satisfaction;

• Enlisting in the top few companies as Best Employers;

• Enhanced teamwork in teams, even those managed virtually;

• Promotions for leaders;

• Leaders’ skill enhancement in managing employee life cycle better and hence better employee engagement.

Can you share future growth plans of Atiitya?

We wish to:

• Make leadership learning open to everyone who aspires to take ownership and learn;

• Simplify learning mechanisms in the sphere of leadership;

• Bring some of the best practices from traditional practices in India;

• Research and offer data to the world on India Leadership Success.

Finally, what would you like to achieve, as a leader, in the coming five years?

• As a Leader, we wish to empower more number of people to develop as Leadership facilitators;

• Make Leadership learning available to every person who aspires to be effective Leaders;

• Keep learning and sharing.


Suman Nair, MD & CEO, Atiitya Training & HR Consultants Pvt Ltd

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