India will have the youngest workforce

“Today, India is enjoying the population dividend led by the Gen-Y, by 2030, India will have the youngest workforce. For these highly energetic and ambitious people, salary package and perks remain the top priorities followed by the job responsibility as opposed to job security.

Gen-Y seeks organisations where they may capitalise their talent in the best possible manner to earn rewards through excellence. Hence innovations, intrapreneurship, and growth hacking resonate clearly in their behaviour and work. Hence to attract and acquire the young talent, businesses should realise the influence of Social Media because it plays a pivotal role in creating the right image of the organisation. Strategic and efficient use of social media channels for working professionals such as LinkedIn and Foursquare can help a lot to connect the recruiters with potential candidates. Usually, people judge an organisation today on the basis of a company’s online presence and what response it’s getting in the form comments and reviews on the Social Media. This way, they can also get exact information about a company’s products, services, clients, employees and work culture.”

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Mr. Abhishek Aggarwal Senior Vice President, The Judge Group India

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