Building a culture is one of the toughest tasks for a leader

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast. No. I didn’t say that, my Global CEO did. It is important that we build a core team and a group of people who are aligned to your culture. The core team will play a critical role in hiring the right people into the organisation. This is fundamentally the differentiator of a great organisation from a good one. The core team and the leadership team cannot take the eyes off the ball because culture needs continuous nurturing.

As the journey continues, listening to your people is the key differentiator, swallow your ego and see if there are actions that are not aligned to the culture that we set out to build. Any sense of misalignment should be heard, should not be rationalised, and should be acted upon. This behaviour will ensure you not only nurture but are conscious about derailment and open to feedback and take action to make sure you are on track.

Building a culture is one of the toughest tasks for a leader. We will be remembered for the culture that we are building, let’s put in our heart where it matters.”

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Mr. Jayanth Selvappullai, Vice President – Human Resources, Brillio

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