Global Workforce Management

“Any company looking for growth and expansion in the industry, often explore the global market. They look for strategies and various business models for their company to develop and create a foothold. This is what tests the HR department’s capabilities to hire skillful and productive employees for the organization and operate work smoothly.

Challenges: Managing a global workforce is often a challenging job when you have to manage their different cultural requirements, currencies, languages and regulatory requirements. Striking the right balance between these different aspects is what makes it more complex for us HR personnel.

Solutions: Having a keen knowledge about the different laws, policies, programs and the different ways in which it functions is very important for an organization to prosper. Setting up an efficient and strategic operating model helps in creating a more agile workforce. Learning the environment and culture while implementing workforce management is very essential.

Survival: In order to survive in these situations, you need to adapt and learn about each and every aspect to tackle it head-on. Being an HR we have to be rational about the various changes and take measures in order to understand and support employees for their performance in the company. As and when required, help of a suitable global workforce management solution can be taken to make the process simple and streamlined.”

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Satinder Kaur, Manager – Talent Acquisition, Trunkoz Group,

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