Multi - Layered Functions of HR department

The 21st century has brought in more job opportunities and organisations are adopting new and innovative hiring practices to attract, retain and engage the ever-so-rare talent.

Human Resources has become a multi-layered internal and external function which has to do its own form of Employer branding to make it attractive to high quality talent and to ensure the talent not just stays, but also remains engaged.

“Employee Experience” is therefore central to all HR processes. Right from Day one when a potential candidate is identified, to the day he is finally recruited, HR needs to ensure that the entire process itself is insightful and enriching. Hiring the “right fit” is perhaps the most crucial function of the HR department. To get this “right fit” it is essential to have a detailed job description designed. An efficient HR team spends a considerable amount of time in research and review before compiling the final requirement. The psychographic analysis of the kind of person who would add value and what are professional gaps the position is required to fill, is taken into due consideration. Potential Candidates are given detailed job descriptions to enable them to understand the role expectations even before they accept the job. The company culture is on display on various social media and transparency is the key towards Employer Branding. The more open you are, the better the chances of the “right fit” of an employee.

Competency based interviewing process has proven to be able to assess candidates more accurately than traditional methods of assessments. If a candidate is able to demonstrate specific examples of their skills, chances are that they would be able to handle the task at hand more effectively.

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Simin Askari Vice President, Corporate Human Resource, Dharampal Satyapal Limited

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