Talent acquisition function and business are like an orchestra

“In many ways, the talent acquisition function and business are like an orchestra - when they work together, you hear beautiful symphonies. Yet, if a single player is off-key or not aligned, the result is chaos and cacophony. But getting to this state of alignment isn’t a walk in the park - it requires a lot of open discussions, a well thought-out framework, trust and hard work.

First and foremost, talent leaders have to be transformational leaders. Remember that you are hired with a great intent - you are hired to bring out the best in the organisation by bringing in the best people. So work around small snags and frustrations to achieve what you were brought there to do. Micro experiences don’t just define how external stakeholders see you, but internal as well.

A talent leader has to be clearly a partner to business. For critical projects, the talent leaders have to ensure the perfect candidate is sourced, you personally do blind reference checks, sell the role to the candidate, inspire the person to join the organisation. Consult the business on why a particular candidate, what could be the possible benefits, loop holes.

This is all it really comes down to - when talent acquisition as a function can equip business to make the right decisions; they stop being a supporting function and become a strategic partner.”

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Ms. Sindhu S. Human Resources Head – India, Brillio

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