Talent Acquisition: Innovation And Challenges

The skill to identify and train the right individual for the right job brings out the capabilities of a great manager. Talent acquisition involves discovering, attracting and engaging highly talented individuals into the organisation. Efficiency is top priority whilst hiring, leading to essential time and cost savings. Keeping this key rule in mind, managers encourage their top performers to identify talent by offering rewards and incentives for a successful recruit. Green recruitment is another trend that has evolved, which involves paper-free recruitment making it an eco-friendly process. Videos in the recruitment process have become a trend; talent is sourced through interesting video resumes or by conducting interviews and presentations through video calling. Challenges go hand-in-hand with new trends, and the major drawbacks any manager faces are sourcing and background screening. With increasing competition in the market, sourcing qualified talent continues to remain a big challenge. If we do find the perfect fit, authenticating the candidate's information is a critical component. These drawbacks if successfully surpassed, lead to a successful hire."

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Ms. Urvi Aradhya Sr. VP Human Resources, K Raheja Corp

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