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Time Management: Now at your Finger Tips

Do huge chunks of assignments in your mail box bother you? Do you feel you could have been more productive and organised? Well, the solution lies in effective time management, which is crucial in any office work environment, especially if your profile requires you to indulge in multitasking. Developing time management skills is a matter of practice of being alert and keeping yourself aware on how to use every minute constructively.

It is up to you to manage every single minute at office wisely, to make things work in the right direction so that you will go home feeling satisfied and stress free. Here are some tips to help you utilise your time at work - effectively and efficiently:

  • It is pertinent that you plan your day, beforehand. Make notes and lists to keep track of regularly scheduled tasks, assignments and deadlines. At the end of each day, take five minutes to prepare a list of scheduled tasks for the next day, and then cross them off once you've finished them

  • It is advisable that you break large time-consuming tasks into smaller manageable ones. Thus you will be able to take control of your time and use it effectively.

  • Most important is, to evaluate how you're spending your time. Keep track of the time you are taking for a particular task and then analyse the output. This will keep you from over-spending your time

  • Try to limit distractions, check the time that you spend in taking breaks. During big projects, minimise distractions by turning off your phone

  • While dealing with big projects or assignments spend a little time in planning. This will actually save your time in the end

  • Last but not the least, get plenty of sleep, eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. A healthy lifestyle will not only give you a fit body but also a mind that will be able to focus and concentrate more with accuracy.








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