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A Positive Attitudinal Approach is a Must for a Leader

By Wing Commander Mansoor Siddiqui (Retd)

In this phase of globalisation and enhanced educational opportunities, one acquires a degree from a good college or university and even has to have attained professional capabilities. But a right attitude and behaviour still becomes a big challenge for every organisation to deal with. Lots of man hours are wasted to resolve many conflicts and personality clashes which have developed due to inappropriate attitudinal approach and improper behaviour at the work place. A lot of politics go around within the departments and the ultimate sufferer is the ‘Organisation’.

This does not happen always due to the conflicts within the team members but also due to interdepartmental conflicts and differences of opinions in between the counterparts. These differences most of the time are not on technical issue but ego clashes. Every department head thinks he is the most important person of the organisation and they want to force their point of view on others and start playing a blame game and ultimately make the productivity suffer.

A leader, may be placed at any position in the hierarchy, but has to play an important role at every stage and every situation. His attitudinal approach is a very important aspect in dealing with daily situations arising within the organisation or dealing with clients and/or outside agencies. The leader is not necessarily a person sitting as head of the department/organisation but each and every person has to practice leadership traits within the organisation. Generally, some people think that “I am a team member and my boss is a Leader, and I follow his instructions and command;” whereas every individual within the organisation has to treat him/herself as a leader in his/her own capacity.

Positive attitudinal approach of leaders can save the organisation from many such problems or difficulties which may harm it and put an adverse affect on the productivity and profits. This attitudinal aspect of behaviour differs from person to person and even at times converts a positive person to a negative person depending upon the general approach of the people within the organisation. Sometimes, it so happens that a new induction joins with a very positive approach, rather we have selected him/her on the basis of this trait, but over a period of time even he fails to perform; the main reason being the overall attitudinal approach prevailing within the organisation.

Hence, it is of utmost importance for any organisation to keep the overall approach set towards ‘Positivity’. Top management has to understand this aspect diligently and first practice leadership themselves and then apply it on others. This trait is not so easy and simple to apply on every one rather take calculative steps and modulate for easy implementation. Top and Middle level management are the key role players in this game. If their concept about the Leadership is not clear, they will neither be able to follow the leadership traits nor will be able to produce more leaders for the organisation.

Positive attitudinal approach can be created through appropriate guidance and making the concept of ‘Leadership’ understandable by everyone. A leader is a person who not only leads others but gets led by others depending upon the position in the hierarchy. A real Leader is a person who is able to influence seniors, juniors, peer groups and clients. There are a number of traits one has to acquire to gain expertise in preparing him/her a real leader.

Timely training at each level, system implementation and standard operating systems are the functionaries for establishing a “Positive Attitudinal Approach” within the organisation.


Wing Commander Mansoor Siddiqui (Retd)

Director Training, Foster Placement & Training Services Pvt Ltd

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