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  • Vaishakh Kelkar, Chief Operating Officer, PEOPLEWORKS In an interview with People and Management, Vaishakh Kelkar, COO-PeopleWorks, a cloud based talent nurturing solution from Crossdomain Solutions Pvt. Ltd, talks about the company’s USP and its objectives. Read more
  • Ashish Patel, Managing Director & Founder Consultant, Euphoria consulting
    Euphoria consulting is an Organizational Development consulting firm came into existence in January 2004. Euphoria has started with a humble beginning in Ahmedabad... Read more
  • Shri Anuj Agarwal, MD & CEO, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance
    Anuj Agarwal is the MD & CEO of Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance. Anuj has been associated with Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance in its inception years in 2001 till the year 2004 and has handled senior responsibilities in Finance including that of Vice President-Finance. Read more
  • Shri Arijit Basu, MD & CEO, SBI Life Insurance
    Shri Arijit Basu has taken over as Managing Director & CEO, SBI Life Insurance Company Limited from 1st August, 2014. He joined State Bank of India in 1983 as a Probationary Officer and has over three decades of experience in the banking sector. Read more
  • Bimal Rath, Managing Director, Think Talent Services
    Founded in 2010 by a group of professionals with deep HR expertise, Think Talent Services is focused on supporting clients on key issues around leadership development, talent management... Read more
  • Nikhil Norula, Vice President, Peoplecart Private Limited
    Culture, simply put is “Behaviours in Action”. Identifying the right culture starts with recognition of key organizational behaviours. A number of interventions collaborate to help organizations shape their culture... Read more


New HR Trends for 2016

Customisation these days is ought to revolutionise the way the companies manage their workforce. Organisations in future are no longer going to treat their workforce as single monolithic entity but, they will consider every resource as a team player of the workforce. With the onset of new trends, firms are addressing their HR priorities such as creating strong company brand, attracting talented millennials and competitively paying staff by investing in latest technology. However, when it comes to managing talent, many organisations still use one-size-fits-all HR practices. Standardisation of such practices helped companies to achieve important goals in 2015, which includes consistency, efficiency and fairness and to gain a global view of their people, and is also going to make space in 2016 trends. Read more...

HR Speaks

Employee Benefits are Key Business Success!

In recent times, India's demographic dividend has been much talked-about. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has asserted that India has the potential to become a leading knowledge-based economy, leveraging on this dividend and the growing usage of information technology. In this context, human capital gains precedence as the transition to a knowledge-based economy will seek a new generation of an educated and skilled workforce. Read more...


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Simin Askari, Vice President HR, DS Group Aparna Sharma, Director, T.S Alloys Ltd Lakshmi Murthy, Director – HR, ITM Group of Institutions Urvi Aradhya, Senior VP, Human Resources, K Raheja Corp
Surbhi Shweta, Head - Human Resources, BNP Paribas Investment Partners Sruthi Vijayakrishnan, Senior Executive HR INMACS Group Mamta Wasan, Vice President- HR, FIS Eden Menon, GM - Public Relations, William Mills Agency

HR Journal

Indian Ethos at Work

By Sundara Rajan

Sundara Rajan is a serial entrepreneur with successful ventures in Human Resources Consulting, Behavioural Assessments, Marketing Analytics and E publishing. He is a University Gold Medallist in Mechanical Engineering and an alumnus of Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (Batch of 1986).


Know more about this book

The Principles of Leadership for junior and intermediate supervisors/section heads in Indian businesses are extremely crucial for achieving success          - Mr. William Hawke, MD, LBA. (Rtd. Senior Non-Commissioned Officer, Canadian Forces).


Cynthia Wihardja
Firm Owner & Business Coach - ActionCOACH South Jakarta and Co-Master Licensee – ActionCOACH Philippines & China
Heather Saville Gupta
Chief Talent Officer,
The 120 Media Collective
Katy Tynan
Managing Director,
CoreAxis Consulting
Jagrati Shringi
Co-Founder and CTO
Shweta Satpathy
Founder, BrandRepublix
Madhuri Sen
Managing Director and Vice President, WE Communications India
Arifa Khan
Founder, Fintech Storm
Shachi Irde
Executive Director, Catalyst India WRC

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Non-Desk Based Locations will Contribute to Millions of Real Estate Savings

Embryonic technologies are redefining the workplace where employees are swerving beyond the traditional office concept and implementing solutions that cater to the requisites of the shifting workplace. The concept of data repository or archives being reserved at an office building in office has taken a postern and now the new-fangled technological revolution of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets have changed the way we recognise the notion of ‘office’ and ‘work’. Read more...


Rise of ERP in Talent Management Systems

The rise of talent management systems has paved the way for improved applicant tracking in organisations. Over a period of time, it has evolved to goal setting, performance management, career & succession management, employee development, and compensation. Talent management is crucial to attract new talent, retain the existing talent and develop them to achieve the long term vision of the organisation.     Read more...   


Most Valuable HR Practices every Business should have

Human resource has today evolved into a business partner, and plays a critical role in helping an organisation retain its competitive edge, while remaining ahead of the curve. It is a function responsible for understanding organisational pulse and introducing suitable practices. It is also responsible for building a culture that is conducive to innovation, becoming agents of continuous transformation, aligning processes and ethos to improve an organisations’ capacity for change.     Read more...   

Experts' Quotes

Jayashree Satagopan, CFO, International Paper India
The business case on the benefits of balanced leadership is fairly well established
Read more
Anil Sharma, Group HR Manager, Synopsys India (P) Limited
HR an Exciting Space to be in 2016
Read more
Rajita Singh, Head HR, Broadridge Financial Solutions
The workplace scenario in India has defi nitely changed manifolds over
Read more
Dr. Maninder Khalsa, VP HR, Viom Networks Limited
Social Media will Enhance Productivity
Read more
Ishita Singh, Celebrity Fashion Designer
It's an age old known fact that women make the perspective complete
Read more
Abhishek Kumar, Chief Manager - HRD, JK Paper Limited
Focus will be on Agility Read more
Lt Col Salimma Thomas, Nursing Superintendent, Malla Reddy Narayana Multispecialty Hospital, Hyderabad
While all actions to support women in leadership positions are commendable
Read more
Manmohan Bhutani, Head - HR and VP, ACS Group in India
2016 - The Year of Employer Branding
Read more


"Human Resources are the Firm's Distinguishing Factor"

Basesh Gala, Managing Director, 39 Solutions, has a strong base in financial & risk analysis, strategy & planning, consulting and general management. A Gold Medallist in MBA (Strategy and Financial Risk Management) from Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University, USA, he mentors and coaches young managers and leaders. In an interview with Aamir H Kaki, Editor, , he shares his valuable thoughts on the role of HR in organisations, employer as a brand and future plans of 39 Solutions. Excerpts:


Sectors that will Benefit from Workplace Mobility

Having been born in a world where technology has already made great changes, thinking of a sphere without mobile devices, websites, search engines, gaming consoles and mobile apps is quite inconceivable. Whether it inspires someone to become a cyber hacker or a master in videogames, mobile technology has changed the generation of teenagers as well as adults. Research has stated that in the coming few years, most people on earth will have a mobile device with features that can help them measure, track and record information and open up an infinite range of data. Read more...



Events Upcoming

ISTD National HR Conclave  
Date: 19 - 20 May, 2016, Scope Convention, Lodhi Road, New Delhi

Closing Gender Gap

The Society today is more Amenable to Working Women

Read more
Organisations with better gender diversity are more innovative

Read more
Make More Positive Eff orts to Recognise and Develop Womens Potential

Read more
A True Learning Organisation is known for its Agility & Adaptability to Change
Read more
Our Leadership Team is Actually Balanced on Gender Diversity

Read more

HR News - Job Creation a Priority says E&Y

Ernst & Young has said that job creation is a priority shared by governments the world over, including those in emerging markets. As policy-makers seek to restore growth and a greater sense of optimism about their economies, EYs Rohan Malik says the time has come for less talk, and more action. For several years, as the global economy struggled to recover from the financial crisis, eyes turned toward the worlds rapid-growth markets for reassurance that the outlook was not universally bleak. And certainly, the performance of countries such as China and India, both buttressed by skyrocketing growth and booming investment, injected much needed confidence that the crisis would not be one without end. E&Y identifies 6 key actions to help job creation:

  1. Business Climate Reforms to improve ease of doing business

  2. Increasing attractiveness to improve competitiveness

  3. Livelihood enhancement to improve shared growth

  4. Micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) development and access to finance to improve sustainable growth

  5. Skill development to enhance the human capital

  6. Infrastructure development to produce an enabling environment

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Ten Principles of Leadership

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HR Managers Today: Jack of all Trades or Master of One?

People and Management magazine organised the first Knowledge Session entitled, HR Managers Today: Jack of all Trades or Master of One? on September 27, 2013 at LBA House Read more..

Why is Telecommuting 'in' Nowadays?

Akash is a software engineer and when he passed out from his engineering college, he got the dream job with one of the leading IT companies as a software... Read more..



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Human Touch will still Remain Relevant
Companies will invest more in Employer Branding 

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Major HR Tech Trends in 2016

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Succession Planning: Build or Buy Talent?

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Succession Planning: Not Replacement Planning


"Fullerton's HR structure is Well-equipped to Deliver"

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The 70:20:10 Model: Amplifying a Superlative Workforce

Offshore Perspective

Managing change & cultural Transformation: Tools & Resources to Deal with Change


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Ten Leadership Commandments from a Great Leader, the Nelson Mandela


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