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  • Saral Rozgar: A Unique Mobile Job Marketplace
    India's mobile density has been increasing with rising subscribers, we want to harness the mobile demographic dividend. Excerpts:
  • “Our Clients get Absolutely Suitable Candidates”
    In an interview with the Editor, People and Managemeny, R. P. Yadav, Chairman and Managing Director, Genius Consultants Ltd Excerpts:
  • We pride ourselves in our ability to become seamlessly an extended arm of our client organisations Excerpts:
  • Traning your staff on soft skills Wing Commander Siddiqui has come out with lot of innovative ideas of training Excerpts:
  • HR Solutions: Helping SMEs and in Skill Development
    The purpose of all or most business organisations may be common, but the ways to achieve them differ. Excerpts:

HR News - Job Creation a Priority says E&Y

Ernst & Young has said that job creation is a priority shared by governments the world over, including those in emerging markets. As policy-makers seek to restore growth and a greater sense of optimism about their economies, EYs Rohan Malik says the time has come for less talk, and more action. For several years, as the global economy struggled to recover from the financial crisis, eyes turned toward the worlds rapid-growth markets for reassurance that the outlook was not universally bleak. And certainly, the performance of countries such as China and India, both buttressed by skyrocketing growth and booming investment, injected much needed confidence that the crisis would not be one without end. E&Y identifies 6 key actions to help job creation:

  1. Business Climate Reforms to improve ease of doing business

  2. Increasing attractiveness to improve competitiveness

  3. Livelihood enhancement to improve shared growth

  4. Micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) development and access to finance to improve sustainable growth

  5. Skill development to enhance the human capital

  6. Infrastructure development to produce an enabling environment

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The Principles of Leadership for junior and intermediate supervisors/section heads in Indian businesses are extremely crucial for achieving success          - Mr. William Hawke, MD, LBA. (Rtd. Senior Non-Commissioned Officer, Canadian Forces).



Kavita Sahay

Director - Schools and Academics at VIBGYOR High Group of Schools.


Raju Foujdar

General Manager - HR at IPCA Laboratories Limited

Rajeev Bhardwaj

Vice President - HR, Sun Life Financial Asia Service Centre.

Bhuvaneswar Naik
Vice President and Head HR, SAP India Sub-continent.

Rishi Rana

General Manager - India and APAC, SumTotal Systems

Ron Thomas

CEO, Great Place to Work Gulf, based in Dubai


When HR meets Social Media

In this era of technology, changes are taking place at a very fast pace and all have to stay updated to be competitive. And the massive rise in prominence of social media in all walks of life has lead many major global organisations to increase investment into social channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, etc, not only for simple internal or external communications but also to attract and retain talent. Social media is playing a vital role in HR functions across sectors and verticals of the industry. Social media is impacting the employment life cycle from pre-employment to recruitment, training and dismissal. Read more...

Corporate Structure

Driving Business Performance through Social and HR Technology

There is no question that digital revolution has changed the way people connect, interact and conduct business. The digital divide that we have seen at our homes amongst generations, is now creeping into workplace. The Internet of Things is arriving fast and will demand that companies adapt their processes and foster stronger collaboration amongst employees for the larger good. With continuous innovation in social and mobile technologies, we now live in an ‘always on’ world where the lines between our personal and professional lives are blurring, where geographies and time zones are no longer barriers to real-time collaboration and communication. In addition to changing consumer behaviours and personal interactions, ubiquitous and immediate access to people and information, driven by the rise in social media tools, networks and channels, is radically impacting the workforce. Read more...





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Experts' Quotes

The business case on the benefits of balanced leadership is fairly well established

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It's an age old known fact that women make the perspective complete

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The workplace scenario in India has defi nitely changed manifolds over

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Closing Gender Gap

The Society today is more Amenable to Working Women

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Organisations with better gender diversity are more innovative

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Make More Positive Eff orts to Recognise and Develop Womens Potential

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A True Learning Organisation is known for its Agility & Adaptability to Change
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Our Leadership Team is Actually Balanced on Gender Diversity

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Job Search goes Social!

Social media is a primary vehicle of communication today, and due to ease of access, it is playing a great role in the job search process in today’s life. In personal, professional and organisational networking, social media is the new paradigm. According to the Society for Human Resource Management’s 2013 survey, Social Networking Websites and Recruiting/Selection, 77 percent of organisations use social networking sites to recruit potential job candidates. The survey also found that 69 percent of organisations use social networking tools to target and recruit candidates with specific skill sets, 67 percent use social networking to increase employer brand and recognition and 57 percent use it to allow potential candidates to easily contact their organisation about employment. Read more...   



Tips for Employee Training & Development Effectiveness!

Nowadays, many organisations are making huge investments on employee skill and behavioural training and yet the average man-days invested on it is a mere two days per employee per year. The costs are high and the challenge of taking people off their routine responsibility is becoming larger and more challenging.     Read more...   

Workforce Analytics Redefined

Vijay, a senior HR manager, just walked out of another frustrating meeting with his business leader. Attrition is at an all-time high despite several tweaks to the recruitment pattern, hiring and top performer retention processes.     Read more...   


Must Read

Time Management: Now at your Finger Tips

Do huge chunks of assignments in your mail box bother you? Do you feel you could have been more productive and organised? Read more..

Ten Principles of Leadership

There are no two ways of the saying that leaders should lead from the front. Read more..

Get Your Hiring Act Right

Businesses all over the world are struggling to find the right talent to fill positions. Read more..

HR Managers Today: Jack of all Trades or Master of One?

People and Management magazine organised the first Knowledge Session entitled, HR Managers Today: Jack of all Trades or Master of One? on September 27, 2013 at LBA House Read more..



"Human Resources are the Firm's Distinguishing Factor"

Basesh Gala, Managing Director, 39 Solutions, has a strong base in financial & risk analysis, strategy & planning, consulting and general management. A Gold Medallist in MBA (Strategy and Financial Risk Management) from Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University, USA, he mentors and coaches young managers and leaders. In an interview with Aamir H Kaki, Editor, , he shares his valuable thoughts on the role of HR in organisations, employer as a brand and future plans of 39 Solutions. Excerpts:


Workforce Planning: Indispensable Strategy for Business Growth

In the simplest form of planning, organisations add people as the need comes in. Planning is against short-term goals. Systems support recruitment processes that are driven by strict head count budgets and are augmented, when needed. Read more...

HR Speaks

Diversity at Workplace: Demand of Today's Cross-culture Operations

HR Best Practices

Key Practices to Help Make Diversity Policies Successful

Corporate Structure

Succession Planning for Gen Y: New Leaders need New Rules

Paradigm Shift

Succession Planning: Build or Buy Talent?

Winning Outlook

Succession Planning: Not Replacement Planning


"Fullerton's HR structure is Well-equipped to Deliver"

Thought Stimuli

The 70:20:10 Model: Amplifying a Superlative Workforce

HR Best Practices

Seven Step Guide to Introduce Succession Planning In Your Organisation


and many more ...


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Ten Leadership Commandments from a Great Leader, the Nelson Mandela

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