What is Intranet?

An intranet is a private network available only to the employees of a company. It becomes a focal point of information exchange and collaboration between the employees of the organisation. Hence, it has a lot of features and functionalities of ESS i.e. Employee Self Service.

Why is Intranet essential for organisations?

Intranet is an internal web-based application that provides employees with access to their personal records and payroll details. It features ESS that includes allowing employees to change their own contact details, family members and banking information and other essential information.

ESS also allows administrative tasks such as applying for a leave, reviewing of timesheet, inquiring about HR policies, requesting for facilities, viewing of employee directory, and submitting of reimbursement slips. This makes it easy for employees to transact with their Human Resource office without physical appearance, which is considered irrelevant in some transactions. It increases efficiency at work and encourages paperless work with proper tracking and time bound resolutions to routine tasks.

What is the future of Intranet?

In this Information Age, businesses find it difficult to exist without technology. HR is a very vast function in any company covering activities right from recruitment, performance appraisals to the entire employee lifecycle management. Handling this manually without the use of any Intranets or HR tools can be extremely difficult and time consuming. HR Technology Companies with their expertise and software help simplify the tasks of HR Executives.

What is the advantage of using OfficeNet?

Officenet is an established domestic player and experienced entity with focus on giving a reasonably priced, customised HR solution for any industry from 100-10000 employees. The solution is available as both On Premise or On Cloud Deployment options.

What is the benefit for HR in using OfficeNet?

Officenet today is a complete HR Suite with all the features required by HR teams for employee self service, employee engagement, communication and collaboration. Being a company’s Intranet, Officenet acts as a single window platform for employees to fill and submit their online requisitions following the automated approval workflow matrix. These could be in the form of leave requests, travel claims, help desk queries, downloading company policies or just sharing and sending their suggestions. For the enterprises using Officenet, we do customise the workflows as per their requirements besides changing the design interface to match their company’s brand guidelines.

What are the challenges in developing Intranet solutions?

Growing economies will always pressurise companies to retain and recruit the best talent. HR tools such as Officenet will help in making the first impact by showing a progressive work culture to a new joinee. It also adds transparency to the entire process of HRD be it appraisals, trainings, reimbursements, whistleblower policies or publishing the company blog. As long as HR functionaries continue their belief to harness technology to look after their most important asset, till than we can say that HR technology will need to continue to persevere to meet up to the rising expectations.

How has the journey so far been for OfficeNet?

Officenet deployment includes a large percentage of customisation and changes as per the specific enterprise business requirements. This is our strongest USP along with the HR domain expertise, which we bring with the constant enhancement and enrichment of our feature-list. Good customer referrals have played a significant role in our increasing deployments on a PAN India basis.

Q. What are the priorities of OfficeNet for the future?

A. Officenet on mobile will be the focus in the coming years as a lot of product enhancements will come from our experiences of integrating the Mobility Framework. Also Business Intelligence in the reporting dashboards will make the applications useful in organisational planning.


Ms. Sonali Chowdhry, Director – Marketing, OfficeNet

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